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Right, who am I? I'm a game designer who has experience with level design and gameplay design who loves to work with Sci-fi and Cyberpunk settings.


I've focused my work on creating content that feels like it could work in reality if the right tools where invented. My thought is that if things are grounded in realism it will be easier to understand and immerse yourself in.

I've studied game development for 4 years now and I'm currently Studying Game design at Futuregames. My first 3 years I studied programming and modeling at SU's Game development line.


I grew into the design role during my game projects at SU and combined these two skills to try and become a designer that could have informed discussions with each discipline within the teams I've worked in. 

Knowing what you're asking for as a designer has in my experience led to better scopes and more reachable goals. That will leave the entire team satisfied.

Being a part of the process to create and tailor a fantastic experience for players, that will really let them immerse themselves in the games, is why I chose to pursue a career within game design.


Level design

Level design is what I've mainly been focusing on during my projects. 
As a level designer my It's important to me to create something believable and real. It doesn't matter the setting I want a level to be more then just a level in a game. I want players to be able to look at it and feel like this is a place that could function outside of the scope of the game.

Regardless if it's a factory that appears to actually function or the inside of a ventilation shaft I belive this kind of environmental storytelling helps players immerse themselves quicker in the game and can diagetically help players get in to the mechanics of the game.


Gameplay design

When designing gameplay and mechanics I always try to create modular set of mechanics. Having worked on a lot of short projects with hard deadlines, I've learned the value of being able to design a game that is easily scalable. Creating a strong core of mechanics that can then be easily expanded or shrunk, I've found to be an effective way of creating a solid product.

When designing mechanics I strive to create realism-based hard-hitting mechanics. I work to achieve this by designing systems that give as much of their information diegetically as possible. This helps players immerse themselves in their role and lets them focus on blasting their foes.

As may be evident I enjoy working with shooters with high-intensity combat in a sci-fi setting.

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